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About us

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Our WHMIS Trainer Manual & matching WHMIS Employee manuals are a great solution for companies that have someone inhouse but need guidance on what to teach..
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WHMIS is the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System.  WHMIS legislation requires that any worker exposed to controlled products be trained in WHMIS.
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Need instructor-led WHMIS training?  We can link you to a training partner in your area.

Canwit Consulting produces health & safety training materials that assist employers and safety training companies to conduct Health and Safety training, particularly for WHMIS.

Internal safety trainers are often able to teach the necessary safety topics, but don't want to write their own course materials.  In those cases, they call Canwit - and use our materials.  We're like a textbook publisher -- that produces only safety training course materials.

Our History

  • Originally created as Canadian Workplace Instructional Training (CanWIT), Canwit began marketing our training materials to other training companies in 1985.
  • With the introduction of WHMIS legislation in 1988, Canwit became one of the first companies to develop training materials designed to be implemented by employers across Canada.  Subsequent publications included training manuals for Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Accident Investigations and many other topics.
  • Canwit continues to publish training manuals and other training materials, including Trainer & Employee Manuals used by employers across Canada to deliver in-house training.  Canwit's clients are typically Human Resource and Safety Managers who wish to deliver training internally, but don't necessarily want to write their own materials.
  • In 1999 Canwit acquired Aware Learning Technologies, a publically-traded developer of computer-based training for health & safety training.  It's clients include Syncrude, Anadarko, the RCMP and numerous agencies of the federal government.  Over 100,000 employees per year are trained using Aware Learning's health & safety training courses.
  • We have also developed custom training materials on assignments for clients like Pizza Pizza, Celanese (worldwide), Imperial Tobacco, Go Transit, and Syncrude.

Our Company

  • Canwit is part of the Occu-Med Health & Safety group of companies.  As a group, we provide health and safety training and consulting services, including mobile medical surveillance programs to over a thousand clients across Canada.  Our sister company, Aware Learning, is one of Canada's leading providers of computer-based training for health & safety.


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