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Our WHMIS Trainer Manual & matching WHMIS Employee manuals are a great solution for companies that have someone inhouse but need guidance on what to teach..
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WHMIS is the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System.  WHMIS legislation requires that any worker exposed to controlled products be trained in WHMIS.
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Need instructor-led WHMIS training?  We can link you to a training partner in your area.



Our WHMIS Self Study Workbooks are used by hundreds of clients to teach hard to gather or dispersed workforces.
WHMIS is federal legislation and has many provincial counterparts.
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Federal Government WHMIS Site:

 Key Features: WHMIS products

Self-Study Course

  • Simple to administer

  • No technology required
  • Marking guide & certificates included

Trainer Manual & WHMIS Workbooks

  • Includes overheads/powerpoint
  • Teaching guide: 'what to say when'
  • Sample MSDS
  • Workbooks allow students to follow along - increases comprehension.
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